Tattoo Investment


Custom Tattoo Designs starting at $75.00

You know that great idea for a tattoo you have but just can’t get on paper? Maybe you have a story to tell, a belief to represent, or a loved one you wish to commemorate with some custom ink. Or perhaps you know exactly what you want but can’t find a style that represents your unique style. Even if you find an illustration you like floating around on the internet, turning that design into a tattoo is not as simple as you think. That’s why we’re here. Let’s start from scratch. Let’s take your vision, no matter how jumbled it may seem, and work together to create a tattoo that you’ll love for a lifetime.

In the same way that no two tattoos are alike (we believe they shouldn’t be) neither is their price tag.
Please take a moment to fill out our questionnaire to get a quote for your custom design!


Transparency from start to finish

Once you’ve completed our questionnaire, you’ll receive a quote from the artist for your custom tattoo design. A half down retainer is due to begin the drafting process. There is no limit to the amount of drafts that are created for any one design. The only requirement is that all requested changes are in line with the initial vision. That means that you get to be a part of the design just as much as the artist, and that the project will not be complete until you are 100% satisfied. Barefaced studio has been privileged enough to collaborating with people just like you to create 30+ hand drawn tattoo designs. It would be an honor to bring your idea to life.